Tuesday, October 3, 2017

9 avatars of Ma Durga

This is the last prompt of the blogathon and Celebrating the #9daysofwomanhood through Navratri was great fun and a lovely experience! 
I thank Khyati Gulati Tiwari for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today . 

I have been born and brought up in Bengal ( Calcutta ) where Durga Puja is THE MOST important festival and yet while I would go every year to see the pandals erected during the festive period beginning with Mahalaya , I didn’t delve into details of the festival - I knew the basic story …. The Goddess Durga visits her home with her 4 kids and she slays the demon Mahisasur. Basically the victory of Good over Evil ); I just followed the yearly tradition of ‘pandel hopping’  and enjoyed seeing the creativity in the construction of the pandels and gaped at the amazing way themes were weaved into the pandel building  and the magnificence of them, each outdoing the next.

Up until this blogathon I didn’t even know there were 9 avatars of Maa Durga and while the prompt for this blog post made me research a bit into the 9 avatars I realised that Gods are Gods for a reason. Mere humans like us can’t fit into their moulds.  So my post today is not about the one avatar of Maa Durga that fits me or a woman I know but rather it’s about the powers & traits that each Avatar represents and how we could use these traits in our lives to make our lives a little better and happier.

1.Shailaputri who stands for purity and devotion – Be pure like a little child. I see my little son everyday growing and getting to know the world and the things around him and I’m in awe at his innocence. I think life corrupts us after a point and its good if we can clear our heads sometimes and be innocent like a little child.
2.Bharmacharini  who portrays the balance between marital life and prayerfulness – The saying goes ‘the family that prays together stays together . I think it’s good to include a bit of prayer into your everyday schedule. It not only gives you a break from the humdrum of the day but also for those 10-15 mins you take a break from your electronic devices and its relaxing and gives you a sense of peace.
3.Chandraghanta who is all-seeing and ever-vigilant to battle evil in any form and from any direction - Be aware of your surroundings. Be constantly on guard because you never know when a friend can turn foe for no reason whatsoever. This may sound negative but I don’t mean it in that sense. I’m just saing that its important to be aware of things around and not trust people blindly. It will help inculcate a sense of oneness with yourself as well.
4.Kushmanda who is the creator of the universe -  Be creative. Its nice once in a while to take a break from the routine of life – eat, work,sleep, repeat and do something new, do something creative. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and happiness as well.  
5.Skanda-mata who represents a mother and is the skillful one; who also imparts innocence, courage and compassion – Help someone in need, nurture your family. Take time out from your busy schedule sometimes to do something good for someone you don’t know. It can even just be a smile or a thank you or a compliment. It may just turn their day around.
6.Katyayani who helps strengthen relationships -  Don’t leave any relationship on a bad note. Fight with friends – but make up with them. If they are not interested in mending the relationship then it’s a different matter but make the first attempt and you will find peace in your life. Life is too short for anger and hate.
7.Kaal-Ratri whose name means the one who does good and who offers protection – Protect those you love. Even the simplest of gestures like checking that seatbelts are fastened when you’re going out for a drive goes a long way.
8.Maha Gauri who washes away all sins and imparts a sense of inner – peace – Don’t regret anything that you have done. Make peace with your past. In our catholic religion we have a sacrament of confession. It’s sort of like having your own therapist. Speaking out about things that bother you is a wonderful way to getting things off your chest and does give you a sense of peace. So speak out about the nagging things in your head. They sometimes build up into big huge issues in your own head but when you speak about them to someone you trust it can really take a load of your mind and in hindsight sometimes feels like it was just a trifle and you wonder why you let it bug you before.
9.Siddhidatri who fulfils all divine aspirations and is the mistress of all achievements and perfections – Always complete any task given to you. Don’t leave things unfulfilled. It will give you a sense of achievement and completion.  

All good things must come to an end and so must this blogathon. Thanks once again to all the hosts and the sponsor The Moms Co. for this opportunity. 
I would like to introduce Sanjivini who blogs at You can check out her blog  on the prompt for today.

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Khyati G. Tewari said...

How beautifully you have intervened the traits Penelope. Great post!

Gagandeep Kochar said...

So handy.. all in one go.. not many of us knew 9 avatars until the prompt was given.. great write up👍😊

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