Monday, September 25, 2017

My Delivery

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Khyati Gulati Tiwari for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today – ‘My Delivery'


My little munchkin was due on the 5th of October. My husband and I were thrilled, another October born in the family (both he and I were born in the same month).
Little Baby Brag-Chaks birth announcement card even said – “You’re invited to the 0th birth in the first week of October!” So when mid September came and I suddenly ballooned out and looked like Humpty Dumpty, I wasn’t worried because I still had over 2 weeks to go. My 37th Week scan was normal. Everything was under control. My doctor checked the USG and said all was okay and on track. Then suddenly on 26th Night my mucous plug came out. I waited patiently for labour to kick in. After all this was everything I had prepared for. The reading up I had done, the various different types of birth scenarios I had gone through. I was theoretically ready! Now it was time for my practical exam.
Since my Pregnancy had gone so smoothly I wasn’t the least bit worried about the Delivery.
I waited patiently for labour to kick in. I felt nothing! Called up my doc and told her this is what had happened and she asked me to come in.
I went and met her on the 27th and she said, “The cervix is dilated but the baby hasn’t dropped so let’s try inducing labour and then see”. She prescribed castor oil. And told me to come in if the water broke or if there was bleeding else to see her again on the 29th.
I remember having to go to 3 medical shops and not getting castor oil! Finally my dad went to a government hospital medical shop and got it there. I drank the stuff. It was ghastly. I remembered the Doc saying I would feel like throwing up but I shouldn’t. So I pinched my nose and swallowed. True enough contractions started after a bit. Came and then went. They didn’t feel like much, just a tad bit more than menstrual cramps. This wasn’t too bad I thought. But that was it. The cramps just disappeared after a while and nothing else happened. So I waited the whole of 28th, now beginning to worry. The mucous plug keeps the infections out so naturally me hopping around town without it was a little worrying. On 29th I could meet the doctor only in the evening so I went in and updated her on the situation. She asked me to get a Non Stress Test done to check that the baby’s heartbeat was okay. So I plodded down the road to another hospital to get the same done. The test took 30 minutes. Post this the results would be shared directly with the doctor they said. What suspense! Since it was late I convinced them to give us the results as well. Everything seemed normal. So to celebrate we walked down to my favourite cake shop Kookie Jar and picked up a cake for my mom’s birthday which was the next day and then walked the 20 minute journey back home. I was hoping all the walking activity would encourage Baby Brag-Chaks to drop.
I went home to my favourite dinner in the whole world KowSuey! Pigged out like crazy and then when clearing the table – bam – I felt my water break! It was past 9 at night. Kolkata as a city shuts down by then! I called the doc and she asked me to get admitted at once. Jumped into a cab . I had to convince him that I was about to deliver a baby and so to step on it instead of ambling along Park Street at snails pace! I felt normal. No contractions, nothing. Just the nervous excitement about what was to happen next.
The nursing home I chose for my delivery was the same place where I was born 30 years ago -a quiet, unassuming place in a tiny bye lane in central Calcutta. I think there were a total of just 3 patients there including me! The nurses there were the same ones present at my birth as well! We entered and they started chatting with my mom who they recognised! The doctor was nowhere on the scene. She had given them instructions on what to do and check. Apparently the baby still hadn’t dropped but I was dilated so they were going to give me oxytocin to induce labour again. They prepped me for the birth and my nervous parents and husband went home. I lay down hoping for some progress during the night. Cramps started again. This time it was worse than the previous ones. I kept my phone handy, kept tracking the contractions and updating on our family whatsapp group. What would we have ever done without whatsapp!? Especially for someone like me who likes updating about every little thing going on in my life. I remember someone from work pinging me and saying go to sleep and there was I telling them – "Dude, I’m in labour. Haha." I received a sheepish “all the best” in response!
Anyway by morning nothing had changed. I hadn’t slept all night and at 4am I remember the strains of the famous Mahisasura Mardini wafting down the corridor and into my room. It was Mahalaya – the day the Goddess Durga begins her journey to Earth. This year when I heard it a few days ago it triggered memories of last year.
At 7am the doctor came and asked how I was doing. She said my tummy shape didn’t look good so she may need to do a C –Section. I panicked a little. This was not part of my birth plan. I was not ready for a c-section. Anyway, I just had to go with the flow.  She then asked the nurse to give me one more dose of Pitocin and went to check on another patient. In the 5 mins that she was away the active labour kicked in. The pain was just mindblowing! I struggled to whatsapp my parents that I was about to go in to have the baby delivered – normally , as now confirmed by the doctor.
The next hour was pure torture. I was busy trying to put into practice all the breathing techniques I had practised, I was humming away my calming music but the experience of doing it with someone poking around below under a bright white light was pretty crazy.
I was at the point of giving up at one time when the doctor said the baby was almost out. If she wasn’t so encouraging I’m sure I would have just given up.
The image of his head coming out of me is etched into my brain. And to feel the warmth of him on me, even with all the blood is something I havn’t been able to forget till date.
Apparently the reason he wasn’t dropping to kick-start labour was because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and that failed to show up in the 37th week scan so delayed cord clamping wasn’t possible as the doc had to cut the cord inside itself before pulling him out. It was risky but I’m grateful that she was such an experienced doctor and that Neil was born alive and kicking, albeit with a slight delay in saying “waaahhhhh”. I wasn’t able to do a breast crawl with him as he needed to be checked by the Paed because the cord was cut prematurely. But thankfully all went well and he was just perfect.  

Even today 1 year later I can still remember clearly the entire episode in technicolour -  scene by scene. Some people say Oh it will all just happen and you’ll forget about it over time. But somehow I don’t think that will happen in this case with me.  I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have a long labour. But I’m glad for all the prep I did before going in for the delivery. It’s important to be aware of the whole process and the options available to you – Normal vaginal/ c section/ epidural / laughing gas J / episiotomy required or not etc. Unfortunately in most places here no one discusses things with you. I had to take classes for this. I compared this with my cousins in other places where they are bombarded with information. But then again it depends on the individual as well. I like to be in the know-how of every little thing.  Although most times even with all the prep in the world your story could be something completely different like it was with mine. If I read a 100 cases and scenarios of birthing , mine was no. 101!
It was the 30th of September 2016 when baby #neilchaks was born. Coincidentally my mom's birthday as well. So the cake that was bought from Kookie jar the night before was brought in and cut - it said Happy Birthday MUMMY. I guess along with Neil being born a new Mummy was born as well :) 

I would take the opportunity to introduce Sanjivini who blogs at You can check out her blog on the prompt for today.

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Sumira said...

Such a lovely post

Khyati G. Tewari said...

What a fun filled journey you had and as they say - all is well that ends well. Glad to know that the cord didn't cause Neil any harm.

Giselle said...

Wonderful penny. I enjoyed reading this one. Reminded me of our two. Went through Normal delivery for both Ethan and Megan but both times the feeling was different and totally worth it. After all the pain you go through it's just amazing to hold your baby and it's an experience you can never forget ,a memory that never fades. God bless the 3 of you. Your champ is adorable.

Gagandeep Kochar said...

All is well when bed is well.. good job all, mummy, baby n doctor ����

Veens said...

Awww man. This was such an amazing account of the delivery. I am glad you did not have a long one because trust me it is horrible! Also Aarya did not cry but he was all wiggling like a worm on my tummy too. And now I know that they really only hit the baby if it is not moving. Other than that everything is normal :-)

And yes I remember both my deliveries. <3