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First Year of Baby! In Trimesters - for easy reading

I'm thrilled to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Khyati Gulati Tiwari for introducing me. I loved her blog on the prompt for today – ‘The first year'

Someone once told me that becoming a mother will change you. 
I now know that to be true. Becoming a mother changed me completely. 
Life took a complete 360 degree turn a year ago.
From the carefree, care-a-damn, selfish (to some extent) girl that I was, I was thrown into a world where nothing revolved around me anymore. This tiny little human with his unique motorcycle starting - hiccuping cries was the new cynosure of everybody’s eyes. And why shouldn’t he be, the cutie that he was- those cute chubby cheeks, that heart melting gummy smile and the little sighs of contentment when he snuggled up against me to sleep made all the late nights, lack of sleep, under eye dark circles, sore nipples and initial feelings of being a cow completely worth it!   

I’m dividing this blog post up into trimesters for easy reading.

Trimester 1: The COW and Colic wails phase
Beware the sore nipples and the fuzzy feeling in your brain (due to lack of sleep and raging hormones) as you are thrown Breast-first into Motherhood!
Until your baby learns to latch well you will have terrible nipple cuts. My first 10 days were bad! I tried warm salt water, breast milk and some sticky Lanolin cream prescribed by the paed but the only thing that worked for me is Creme21 – it’s a wonder cream! Overnight my nipples healed and by then baby was latching well.

With exclusive breastfeeding comes exclusive gyaan from all and sundry on what you should be eating to help your milk supply. Oh and also the negatives – “you’re not making enough milk for your child”. “You’re starving the kid”. “Give him formula”.
Well trust me the only thing to get good supply is a good healthy diet and lots of baby-on-boob time (which is exhausting and I call it the cow phase- because well, I just felt like a cow ....moooo!). The sucking sends a message to the brain that the demand is there and to meet that requirement there is enough supply. Addition of formula in between will just mess up your cycle.

Once you get comfortable with BF then bam comes the colic phase…. Oh the crying and wailing is pure torture. My advice - Drink Saunf Water and avoid eating cauliflower/brocoli and ta-da u have a happy, smiley baby.

Trimester 2: The Connect Phase
This is a nice phase. You have gotten used to the lack of sleep by now and the dark circles are now a part of your new Mommy face!
You’re now used to the feeding schedule and the initial fears of “how do I handle this tiny little creature”

And your baby, the intelligent little fellow is very interactive now - responding to you with gurgles and giggles. Make sure you have your camera out for all the antics they are upto. From the rolling onto the tummy, to inching forward to grabbing things and wanting to put things in their mouth!

Trimester 3 : The Locomotion , Eating, Teething and Speaking Phase
The initial part of this phase for us was Neil getting very irritated that he couldn’t move around. So while he was kept on a mattress on the floor while I went around the house doing my chores he would get very irritated, try to move forward but end up flapping his feet in the air instead and start bawling. Baby Carriers worked well for us. With baby wearing you can easily go about your chores with the baby happy and content and no back pain. Then suddenly one day he started crawling – he did the army crawl for months ( sliding around on his tummy ) , initially at a slow turtle pace and then later breakneck speeds to get to where he wanted to go.

Your little one may say his first coherent word now and direct it to the person he intends it for. In our case Neil said ‘baba’ referring to his dad and shortly thereafter ‘car’ for every car that he saw. He then started saying ‘duck’ for the little duckling in his colours book.

Teething also usually makes its ghastly presence felt around this time. While the gummy smile becomes a toothy grin its not without hardships. My little one had high fever accompanied by a cold. Itchy gums and once again biting down hard on nipples – Ouch!

Its at this stage that suddenly many milestones hit back to back and you realize that tiny little one is not so tiny or little anymore – eating solids, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, pointing, recognizing familiar faces are just some of those moments.

Trimester 4 : The NO, Don’t touch that / Don’t go there  Pre – Toddler Phase
This stage is when baby proofing needs to be done in your house because now the little one starts cruising around town, poking his fingers into electrical sockets and trying to climb up on beds and couches. Teach him to climb down and applaud his success. Its very important so he doesn’t fall off and hurt himself. We did it a couple of times with Neil and I just loved seeing his little smile looking for approval after he did this huge turn to clamber down off the bed and had landed safely on his 2 little feet. 

He will also do a lot more actions as well – clapping hands, making gestures. Nursery rhymes with actions are great at this stage – “when you’re happy and you know it”, “the wheels of the bus”, “twinkle twinkle little star” are some of Neil's favs.  

Babies are curious little creatures so let them explore their surroundings as much as possible just keep your mobile phones and television remotes out of reach so they don’t smash it because anything is a plaything and even if you say “No” they will just glance at you, give you a little smirk, glance away and go back to their own little game of ‘lets see what happens if I do this!’

Neil turns a year old in 3 days and I can’t believe the tiny little human I gave birth to just under a year ago is now this little bundle of energy. 
He has grown so much in the last 1 year, 
but then again, 
so have I!

I would take the opportunity to introduce Sanjivini who blogs at You can check out her blog  on the prompt for today.

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That's a nice, humorous, and honest blog I read..congratulations mommy

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