Friday, March 3, 2017

This bed that I lie on

This bed that I lie on on
has seen so many versions of me....

When the walls were mint green,
I lay here as a wide eyed kiddo,
I listened to stories of a Lizard named Esmeralda and lovely princesses of long long ago!
I lost myself in Enid Blyton books and played with GI Joes !

When the walls were pink,
I lay here as a teenager,
I read Agatha Christie's and Harry Potter and studied for board exams!
I giggled on long phone calls with besties about crushes and math problems!

When the walls were cream,
I was a young adult in college dreaming of theatre and life.
Smsing was now the order of the day! Yahoo and MSN chat and orkut were my new distractions!

Then for six years this bed was not mine anymore.
I had a different room,  a different bed,  a different life.

But now back again
When the walls are blue,
I lie beside my son,
I read him stories of cows and sheep,
Of potty heroes and trains and ABCs,
and I wish him a life that is full and  fun and wonderful.
I pray that he grows up kind and calm.

All from this bed that I lie on.

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