Friday, July 31, 2015

Papuliferous Penny Pouts about the lifecycle of a Pimple

So I've been going through a phase where I have so many pimples on my face that I can hardly recognise myself anymore.
From a person who had fairly clear skin to a face covered in papuli, I thought why not vent about these painful little pustules!

Hence the title Papuliferous Penny a.k.a. Pimply Penny most definitely Pouting about the Life cycle of a pimple!

So it all begins with a prickly pain on some part of your face... You can't see any sign of it but you know its going to pop up soon!
My reaction: "Oh no not again!"
This prickliness usually last about 8-12 hours.
In about 12 hours you will see a lovely pinkish mosquito bite sized bump. How you wish you could push it back in and flatten it completely just the way you push down the airbubbles when tucking away your quilt after winter is done.
My reaction: "it's heeere" (complete with the eerie soundtrack of exorcist in the background)

This lovely little pink bump will slowly expand, like a little hillock aspiring to become a mighty mountain and just like a mountain has a snow covered peak so also does your little bump, because now it develops a snowwhite spot bang in the center of all that pink.
My reaction:"Don't touch it Penny cos then you know there will be bloodshed. "

This painful papuli is now perfectly formed. It's ripe!
My reaction: "please don't burst,  please don't burst, please don't burst. "

But unfortunately these pimples are always in the most pointless of places,  (mine mostly frequent the famous Marilyn Monroe mole spot!) and so, even if utmost care is taken not to purposely poke or prod it,  it ends up erupting anyway.
And then there is this tiny bubble of blood just hanging there,  as if waiting for a grade 12 bio student with her lab coat to take a sample on her glass slides and go running to the microscope in the bio lab!
My reaction:"STUPID PIMPLE! ARGGH!!! "

And now if you look closely you will see a perfectly formed crater smack in the middle of the pink mountain!
Well by now I'm so disgusted that it doesn't even make a difference how long the darned thing takes to disappear altogether because hey, I can feel that prickly feeling all over again in a new spot!!
My reaction : "uugh, I really hate these zits!"

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