Saturday, February 1, 2014

Duplicity and Anonymity

Be who you appear to be and appear to be who you are! 

A quote that i diligently followed until recently when my world was turned upside down and i realized that society makes us appear to be what we think they want us to be and i started doubting my value system to some extent. I read an article today completely contradicting the earlier quote. Its more realistic and not so idealistic and well, made me feel a little better about my self doubt because it put into words the torment i was going through in the last few months. Its written by Vikram Bhatt. There is a duplicity within us is what it speaks of. All of us are 2 people he says, one that the world knows and the other that we keep to ourselves, locked and closeted with access only given to our minds. No one dare enter. The article talks about the irony and tragedy of human nature which is, that in order to be your real self,you have to be someone no one can recognize. To let your honest and true desires surface,you have to pretend to be someone that you are not. To be you, you simply cannot be you. Thats tragic and quite ironical. There are rare people who dare go against the dictum of society but for the rest, there is anonymity and it seems the only way to be.

I know of people who dare to go against society and have even done so and then theres me, one of those cowards who bows down to the whims of society and dares not venture into the unknown,knowing full well that the unknown is where i want to be and is exactly what i want and need at this point in my life. But through all the confusion, through all the judgmental thoughts bouncing around in my little mind, i missed a chance at going against the dictum of society and i know that second chances are hard to come by. And the sad part is, i know that even if i do get that second chance i probably wouldn't  take it and still be a slave to what society dictates. 

And so ending on a quote frm the article,(on being anonymous) have fun then but dont get caught....i think even doing things anonymously would eat one up inside and they would end up getting caught either ways and so we come a full circle... the duplicity of an individual... which will u be?

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