Thursday, January 30, 2014

On hugs....

A hug.. a simple gesture of affection.. 

A hug between friends - a quick thump on the back; a hug between family -warm with a quick peck on the cheek; a hug with a loved one-lingering,enchanting,amazing,warm,comforting,peaceful... 

Remember the first time you hugged someone? Most of the times you don't but sometimes you just do. Sometimes these hugs can be so overwhelming they just turn your world upside down. Sometimes they just change your life.

"Dont I get a hug?", he whispered.  It was a request. She turned around debating what to do. The train horn blared on a nippy July night in the the city of Bangalore. It was about to pull out of the station and she had a choice. Should she hug him? Would it be every thing she imagined it would be?  She wouldn't know for sure unless she hugged him. And so she did. And it turned out to be more than she had imagined it could be.  

A hug so warm. A hug so comforting. A hug so so real. Its funny how things turn out. Sometimes a simple hug can change everything. Sometimes that hug can cause such confusion, such a plethora of feelings that you didn't even know u could feel so much at a single point in time. It was overwhelming, It was unexpectedly natural and so so peaceful. 

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